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Utah, you're good to me.

When I headed to Utah for the first time in January for ALT, I had no idea that I’d somehow fall in love with the mountainous desert terrain that housed so many of my favorite internet-friends. I’ve been lucky enough to return two more times since then, and was so happy to be able to bring Nate and Eli along for the ride last week.

I always take the red-eye to and from Utah, and if I’m not sleeping, I’m watching five and a half hours of Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network (so good). We knew Eli would sleep on the flight, but of course tensions grew thick as we took longer to board than expected, and he just absolutely couldn’t go on any longer. 
Utah rocks
We landed in Salt Lake around midnight, and the forty minute drive to Susan’s house was full of hilarious, delusional quotes from Eli, including that he had seen a space ship and needed some dark glasses. 

Susan (of Freshly Picked) and I had planned to host a warehouse sale early in the week, and then our families would take a little vacation together in Vail, CO (about a six hour drive from Provo). 

Our warehouse sale was immensely successful (big thanks to VOX for letting us use their space, and to LICKD for bringing the treats)! Nothing makes me happier than meeting the customers that support my brand, and putting faces with instagram names is so much fun. 

Since Nate had to get some work done early in the week, I was able to make time for a play date with Small Fry famous Jenna, and her two boys. E doesn’t get a lot of guy-time in, so watching these three together gave my heart the serious flutters. 

On Wednesday, we got to Vail pretty late and were welcomed with the most amazing view of the mountains I had ever seen. We spent most of our week riding the gondola (the top of the mountain has tons of kids activities), in the pool or shopping. 

Anyone who has met Eli knows that he’s a really cautious kid — he doesn’t like to go down the slides at the playground, and even still asks for a hand when going down small steps. After Susan’s kids went on the bungee trampoline, and he requested a ticket of is his own, we immediately obliged and figured worst case, we’re out $10. Much to our surprise he LOVED it, and asked to go back on as soon as he was back on solid ground.

Susan, her sister and I made it to the spa one afternoon, and I enjoyed my first prenatal massage of what I hope is of many. There was also lots of girl time shopping, and I may have bought Lady Baby a ridiculous fleece jumper from North Face. Nate went on his first mountain biking experience and quickly learned that he is not a mountain biking kind of guy.

The best part of the trip was watching Eli interact with other kids — as an only child, I have wanted for E to have siblings so he’d have a partner in crime. These three spend so much time hugging, holding hands, and wrestling. 

OK, I lied.. the real best part of the trip was our parting meal. Little Caesars and In and Out. The best food $30 can buy.


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  • Mari Spiker

    What a perfect vacation!! Love me some mountains too!

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