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Nursery Inspiration

inspiration for your nursery

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When E was born, we were all crammed into a 600sq ft one bedroom apartment. We kept the changing table and swing in our living room, his clothing closet was in the entrance hallway and a crib was nestled directly next to our bed. I never got to experience planning an entire nursery for him, and made the best of it with buying him furniture and accessories that somewhat coordinated with our joint living space. 

Truthfully, I’m not one for decorating in themes or sticking to one color palette, so Baby Lady's room will surely be super eclectic. I like to have one big piece of art in every room that ties everything together, and this gorgeous piece from Britt Bass was the jumping point for all my plans for her room. We’ve already got the basinet purchased, and I’ll slowly start adding pieces over the next few months — knowing the second time around the baby won’t be in her room like, for like, ever.


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