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She's So Boss // Gretta Monahan of Gretta Style

When I think of a mom "doing it all", that being raising a son, running several businesses, writing, and still staying grounded in the process, one mom that pops to mind is the multi talented Gretta Monahan. She's built an empire around style and beauty. When not doing style makeovers on The Rachel Ray Show she can be found on Good Morning America, where she is a regular style contributor. All of her style segments have led to her writing her first book, Style and the Successful Girl. She didn't jump into this life without years of hard work. Since opening her first salon when she was just 24 years old, she's since gone on to open two Grettacole salons, the Gretta Luxe clothing boutique and the G- Spa, a 21,000 square foot oasis at the THE FOX TOWER at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. Whew! Join me in getting to know Gretta a little better and some insight just how her life with work and child flow.

Gretta Monahan

1. What does 7 AM look like to you? No two days are ever the same due to my erratic work schedule but generally,7am is a flurry of activity: eating breakfast, making lunch for Kai (he likes to be involved) and finding one shoe before dashing out the door. It seems as if one shoe is always missing... 

2. What's your favorite part of the day? When we all start working on dinner as a family. Coming together as a team to set the table, fill water glasses and prepare the food makes the dinner that much more delicious. This ritual gives Kai a sense of accomplishment that's extremely cute to witness. 

3. How do you find "me" time when you are also working full time and raising your son? I'm a spa girl, literally, since that's a big part of my business. Now, it doesn't happen as often as I'd like or as often as people might think (given my profession) but nothing rejuvenates my mind and body like a deep tissue massage. On a more regular basis, spinning, yoga and pilates allows me to zone out as I work my buns off!

4. With so many things going on with different channels of your work, how do you keep perspective?It's all about family. The daily interactions with my guys keeps everything level. I might be stressing about a particular issue or focused on a big project but when my little guy starts in on a very detailed account of how he created his latest work of art, I'm snapped back to the beauty, wonder and simplicity of childhood. It's extremely refreshing.

5. What is your favorite family tradition and what does it entail? Our "bedtime download" is such a comforting exercise for all of us. We cuddle and talk about our successes and challenges of the day and then how we're going to tackle the next day. It allows us all to clear our minds and prepare for sleep.

6. What are your "can't leave home without" items? My biggest must have is surely my power cords for my iPhone and iPad - the thought of running out of battery makes chills go down my spine! I'm being dramatic, of course, but I work on the go so I have to remain connected to my various teams in order to keep things running smoothly. Runners up are my sunglasses and lip gloss!

Gretta Monahan
7. How are you instilling your entrepreneurial drive in your son? I truly believe children learn by example. Kai sees that his father and I are always juggling multiple projects and commitments, while ensuring quality time for family as well. No matter what his choice of profession might be, I know Kai will understand that hard work, dedication and passion are the main ingredients of success. 

8. What's your next step in growing your brand? Making the digital leap is one of my top projects right now. While GrettaStyle is very active on social media, my salon, spa and boutique business is all about hands-on customer service. I built the company on superior face to face interaction with our clients - through our luxury salon and spa treatments and unparalleled client services, fittings and personal styling in the clothing store. Replicating that online is certainly a challenge, which is why I've taken my time developing my site.

9. What did you find as some of the biggest hurdles when you were just starting out? I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and drive so I knew I was going to create my own business, which I did in my very early 20's. My tender age was a big hurdle when trying to secure my first business loan but in the end proved to be a fleeting one, thankfully. My passion and determination was evident to the powers that be and I was extremely proud to quickly repay that loan after business started booming! Because I know what it feels like, I never discount someone due to their age - whether they're young or old!

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