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The Baby Lady's Stash.

I admit, that when the Sonographer slowly typed "FEMALE" onto the screen during our 17 week anatomy scan, I let out a giant F-bomb. Our entire plans for bringing a second baby in the world was decidedly to give Eli a brother. A best friend for life, a partner in all crimes -- truthfully the idea of a daughter had really never even crossed my mind. My husband is one of four boys, and both my mother and father each have 3 brothers. Boys are in our blood!

It took me a full 48 hours to come around to the idea of a daughter, and there was no faster way to get me on the other side of the fence than spending some money. It didn't take long for me to realize that shopping for baby girls was seriously addicting.

Here's just a glimpse at a few of the things I have collected the past few weeks!
baby blanket
Quilt + Sheet Set; c/o LWPH Sews
boys clothes
Knotted Sleeper; c/o childHOODS

Mustard Bow Onesie; Hudson + Ruthie
White High Tops; Thrifted

Mustard Stripe Headband; Little Hip Squeaks
Sneakers; Thrifted

Yellow Storage Case; c/o Land of Nod
Heart Crib Shoes; c/o Sahnda Marie Kids
Mint Braided Headband; c/o childHOODS

Godee Holder; c/o MeLuvKush
Footie Pajamas; AXL Brand

Winter Cap; Patagonia
Yellow Striped Pant; babyGap

White Cardigan Sweater; Thrifted
Olive Felt Bow; Half Pint Kids
Raspberry Moccasins; c/o Freshly Picked

Plum Felted Bow; Half Pint Kids
Bloomers; childHOODS




  • Tereza

    Wow that is gonna be one lucky styling little girl.
    I was the opposite, we were hoping for a girl and had another little boy, but yes the best thing to do is start shopping for them :) we are going to try one more time but I bet i’ll end up with 3 boys just because i want a girl so bad haha.

  • Nicolette

    So much fun!! What’s even cooler than boy bro besties is brother sister besties!!! Heart melt.

    These goodies are scrumptious!! Keep on keepin on: SHOPPING! living vicariously through ya, here :) xo

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