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Bumpdate // 22 weeks

baby bump


As I'm sure you've heard before, from friends, cousins and your own mother -- second (and likely third and fourth...) pregnancies just fly by. When I was pregnant with Eli, I took a weekly bump photo starting at 14 weeks, followed by a weekly photo of him once he was earth-side. I documented milestones in the pregnancy (first kicks! first hickups!) and even have screenshots saved of my contractions, plus texts we sent to our family letting them know my water had broken.

...This go round; I have three bump photos, and a pregnancy app that hasn't been updated in seven weeks. Oops. Other than the occasional Facebook status update letting my in-laws know that I need them to overnight me sour candy, there hasn't been much of a documentation of Baby Lady.

Today, we had a follow-up anatomy scan, and after hearing our unborn daughter be referred to as both "bossy" and "very aggressive", I figured I had better be safe and stay on her good side.

How I'm Feeling // It's the question everyone keeps asking! And the answer: mostly just bloated. I have been able to continue my normal gym routine (20 minutes of moderate lifting and 20 minutes of moderate cardio, four days a week) -- one thing that I totally bailed on with Eli. I'm confident that staying active has kept me feeling pretty decent, as I definitely felt more uncomfortable and achy by the halfway point with him (here I go, talking allllll about Eli in this poor baby girls update).

Cravings & Aversions // I've been obsessed with tart things -- lemon soda, sour patch kids, grapefruit. All things I never cared about pre-pregnancy. I've been adding lemon to almost all our meals (peas + orzo + lemon + parmesan -- thank me later), and have been throwing Warhead candies down like they're mints. Unfortunately, my former favorite fruit, bananas, is still very very much off limits. The smell alone sends chills down my spine.

Sleep // Most nights go a little something like this-- I ask Nate to rub my back until I fall asleep. 18 seconds later, I am asleep. I wake up somewhere around 4am because the baby is kicking me so hard that I start to incorporate it in to my dreams and think I'm being brutally attacked by wild animals. I toss and turn for upwards of an hour before I give up and check Buzzfeed for any obscure news stories that I can read (did you know Virgin Atlantic Flight Attendants walk up to 7 miles per flight!?) and that usually lulls me back to sleep for an hour before Eli runs into our room and yells "EXCUSE ME, MOMMY! EXCUSE ME! ARE YOU AWAKE?!".

Miserable Side Effects // Still no stretch marks, and I presume it'll stay that way. I never had them with E, and I've got my Belly Butter just in case. I have had quite a bit of heartburn (another thing that I did not experience with Eli) -- though I'm sure the excessive amounts of lemon I've added to my diet are not helping. I've also got a lovely array of pimples along my cheeks, reminiscent of a 15 year old me.

Here's to 18 more weeks of lemon-pepper chicken and grapefruit juice!


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  • Mariel

    The lemon is helping! More lemon, yum. It’s alkalizing in your stomach. Congrats on your “bossy” baby!

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