Second Baby Must Haves // GIVEAWAY!

Becoming a parent for the second time is a lot less terrifying than it is the first time. You already know that newborns are WAY (way) easier than toddlers, and yes, it's totally normal for them to want to be bounced for 18 hours of the day. And yes, its totally normal for them to pitch a fit the moment you set them down. And yes, its totally normal for them to want to nurse every 20 minutes for an entire night during that dreaded three week growth spurt.
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Clearly, I'm mentally prepared -- but a few of the things to make the job a lot easier, are things I wished I had had the first go around. And guess what? WE'RE GIVING ONE OF EACH AWAY TO ONE LUCKY WINNER!

1 // The Stokke Flexi Bath Tub -- Eli's very first home was our one-bedroom apartment on the fourth floor that had a bathroom the size of most closets. We received one of the "regular" (read: gigantic) plastic tubs for him, that we had to store in our kitchen, under the dining table. E was not the only one sobbing during bath time during those early weeks. This time, we have a three bedroom, two story apartment, but being in Brooklyn means the bathrooms are still very, very small. The Stokke Flexi Tub is lightweight and folds up easily, so even if we did have to store it under our kitchen table, it would be a lot less obvious this time.

2 // The Orbit G3 Infant Seat -- this thing is pure genius. Not only does it provide state of the art safety features for your baby -- it has the most amazing design and functionality. The seat can be attached to a stroller base, and rotated a full 360 degrees or attached to their amazing rocker base for comfy-cozying once you've arrived to your destination and need a moment to unpack groceries, corral your toddler, or eat a giant slice of ice cream cake. Whichever.

3 // The Munchkin Lulla Vibe -- another product that I would have sold my left arm to have when Eli was an infant. Lots of people talk about the struggle of setting their baby down to sleep in their crib. I remember my mom suggesting we invent some sort of treadmill for a crib to sit on, so that the motion would lull him to sleep (unfortunately I decided to start LHS instead of this). The Lulla Vibe is a small pad that slips under their mattress and soothes baby to sleep with gentle vibrations -- and shuts off automatically after 30 minutes.

4 // The Ergobaby Carrier -- the first name that comes to mind when I think of baby carriers, is Ergo. We used a muslin wrap when E was a newborn, a sling when he was an infant, and the Ergo when he got fat -- but with the Infant insert, you can use an Ergo as early as 7lbs! My husband was able to carry him on his back while we roamed grocery stores, and I was able to throw him in the front when I was headed to grab coffee well into toddler-hood. The ergonomic design (I BET THAT'S WHERE THEY GET THEIR NAME FROM) positions the baby's' weight, so that you stay comfortable for a shocking amount of time. When you're at a Brooklyn Farmers Market, you can guarantee 1 out of every 4 people has an Ergo strapped to them.

5 // The Mamaroo by 4Moms -- this is one of those items that my mom suggested we create when Eli was about 4 months old and demanding round-the-clock bouncing. She suggested that we somehow strap E to a small trampoline (she's really very clever). I didn't hear about the Mamaroo until E was far too heavy to use it, so I am ten-levels of excited to give it a try with the Baby Lady!

For a chance to win ALL FIVE of these amazing products, see the details below! Good luck!

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What a fabulous giveaway!! We are expecting baby #2 at the end of October. My husband is a career fireman and away at work sometimes 48 hours at a time. The ergo baby carry would be such a wonder to win!!!

Samantha Arnold

It would be sooooo incredible to win this contest!! I am expecting baby # 4, and money is tight, so winning this would be a total god send!!!

Liza holt

My second baby, 4 month old Jax. He’d love all these things as much as mommy!!! Both of us have our fingers crossed we win! Daddy would even enjoy these, too! Anything for our second little!


My two week old would loooove this!

Erika Garcia

Would love these awesome gifts for my first princess:))


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