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Five Hilarious Halloween Costumes for Baby

You've only got three, maybe four Halloweens where you call the shots in what they're dressed up as. As a huge (huge) fan of all things Halloween, I've been collecting baby and kid costumes for years on my Pinterest board, and want to share a few of my favorites with y'all.


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source, Pinterest

baby Halloween costumes


If your kid is still a little too young to walk more than two blocks -- this Mouse in a Trap costume is brilliant.


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source, The Wishing Elephant



If you've spent any time on Etsy looking for baby Halloween costumes, you've come across The Wishing Elephant. Famous for this Sushi costume, not only because it was on Martha Stewarts show, but because it's freaking hilarious.


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source, Pinterest



This costume inspired by the movie Up, is perfect for new-walkers. Not sure how far you'd actually get Trick or Treating, but it sure makes for a damn cute photo.


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source, Homemade By Jill



I was on the fence about sharing this photo, because I am determined to dress up Baby Lady like this next year, and don't want anyone to steal my thunder but COME ON! It's freaking BRILLIANT. Slow-claps all around for Handmade by Jill for making this masterpiece.


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source, Pinterest



Four month old babies probably don't need to go Trick or Treating, but if you've got an older sibling to bring out for the night, this is a perfect way to get them included. Just make sure you bring extra popcorn for a snack, so you don't look like a creep munching on your babies head all night.


If you have any other brilliant ideas or favorites, please leave them in the comments! We'd love to see!!




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