I have a preschooler.

Last week, I sent my sweet boy off to his first day of school. Now, if you've been following me on Instagram for some time, you know that E has taken many classes with me at his side -- gymnastics, art, swimming, even cooking -- but sending him off on his own is obviously a very, very different experience.


Not to anyone's surprise, he could not WAIT to get to the classroom, and each morning asks "IS IT A SCHOOL DAY?".


We were lucky enough to find a Montessori based preschool that had openings, and so far are pretty thrilled with the choice. He's attending for a total of only six hours a week, but we'll definitely ramp that up next year when he's four. We were thrilled to find that his teachers snapped some photos of the kids on their first day, and my heart swelled up about a thousand times.

Eli was an early talker, early to learn his colors. ABCs and numbers -- but his interest in organized learning is absolutely non-existent. A large part of why we chose Montessori was because they essentially trick your kid into learning by using a discovery based education model, rather than directed. Kids are able to have their independence, find a "learning tool" they're interested in, and have freedom to move within the classroom from "tool" to "tool". Sticking their tongue out is not mandatory, but typical.


We were also really impressed, when researching this school, that the teacher-to-child ratio is a whopping 4-to-10. In a huge bustling city, that was astonishing! Each of his teachers speaks a different language fluently, and they'll be spending a chunk of time each day learning Spanish and Mandarin. And, if this school wasn't already Brookyln-esque enough, they'll be practicing Yoga weekly.

Now that he's an official Preschooler, we thought it would be really great to have a dedicated space for him to do various craft projects, coloring and puzzle-piecing. When Pottery Barn Kids reached out to us, to ask if we'd be interested in receiving a Parsons Mini Desk for E -- it was the perfect solution. We made a HUGE deal about how special and exciting it would be for him to have his own desk (and gorgeous desk chair) and he's totally into it. For now, the desk is in our living room, but after we do some arranging upstairs for Baby Lady, we'll move the desk into his room so he can use sticker books and mazes in peace.

I'm so excited to see all the masterpieces he makes both at school, and at this beautiful desk. I'm so proud of my boy!


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