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Bumpdate // 24-ish weeks.

24 week bump
Well, I'm actually closer to 25 weeks now -- to say the least, this pregnancy is going by really fast. We're planning to start painting the nursery in a couple weeks (it's currently mint and gray, from when it was still the LHSHQ) and we're browsing furniture online. We've got three trips we're making in the next 6 weeks, and then it's the Holiday season, so we're trying to be on top of things before it gets too hectic. On top of that, I'm a bit behind on planning our Winter collection and don't want to be in over my head on the off chance she comes early.

How I'm Feeling // Every text message, FaceTime and email asks "how do you feel?!" and frankly -- totally fine. I'm not uncomfortable (yet) and have generally carried on business as usual. There is the battle of heartburn on a daily basis, the constant getting up to pee and the occasional blinding headache -- but overall I feel really good! I'm still working out, but have switched from four days a week at the gym, to two days at the gym, and two days taking 45 minute walks at the park near our house. The fresh cool air and crunchy leaves are too good to pass up. 

Cravings & Aversions // There isn't much interesting to what I'm craving lately -- it's my usual fall lineup of pumpkin spice anything, and fresh sliced apples. I've also been putting away tons of steamed carrots and still going strong with the love for lemon. Bananas and coconut are still on my shit list, and depending on the day, the thought of chocolate makes me dry heave. 

Sleep // The blinding headbands I mentioned above seem to be a side effect of crappy sleep. I'm waking up 3-4 times a night to pee, and E is still getting up at the very first sign of day light. I'm super lucky that Nate has pretty much been manning morning-time so I get an extra 30 minutes or so of sleep, but I'm mentally preparing myself for little to no sleep for the next two years (assuming this kid is anything like her brother). 

Eli's Take // E has been nothing short of hilarious with his questions, concerns and one-liners about the baby. Almost daily, he immediately asks if she's still in there. He also keeps asking when it's going to snow (we've mentioned that when it's snowing, it'll be just about time for her arrival). He kisses my belly every chance he gets, and any time he sits close to me he'll announce "I will not squish the baby," He's the best.



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