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The Easiest Halloween Craft, Ever.

Recently, in preparation for him to become "My Firstborn" and no longer "My One and Only Truest Love" I've been spending a little extra time putting together craft projects for us, and making sure at least once per week we do some baking together. He LOVES baking (all the scooping! so much mixing!), but art is a little less up his ally -- unless of course, a pair of scissors are involved.

I saw this pretty basic idea, to trace your kids hands and decorate them to look like spooky bats. Easy enough! Thanks to the best holiday ever (Halloween, of course) E has recently become quite infatuated with spiders, and I knew the best way to get him excited about this project was to whip one up of my own, so he was aware how bad-ass this project was going to be.
Halloween Crafts
The requirements are pretty much up to whatever you have on hand for decorating, black construction paper and a white crayon. E really likes to "paint" with glitter glue, and we keep a giant bin of fuzzy-puff balls around the house for crafts and "digging" with his construction trucks -- that plus a little white pain and some cut-out shapes makes for a pretty easy to throw together project, perfect for after school or a rainy day.

Simply trace your kiddos hand, tucking their thumb underneath, so that you've got four 'legs', then place their hand again directly over where their palm was, and trace again in the opposite direction -- creating a really interesting shaped spider (they don't care if it's ugly, trust me).

If your kid is a savant at scissors, let them go to town, but risk ending up with a 7 legg-ed spider. I let E do a big circle around the spider and handled the tricky parts myself.

Next, let your child apply $3.39 worth of glue to the spider, and adhere any additional bits and pieces they'd like to it. I precut some red circles for E, and had a wide variety of fuzz-puffs available. Perfect for eyes, or warts. Whichever.

Use all your might to keep from telling your child its eyes are in the wrong place, or that the glitter-glue isn't spread evenly -- because if you do, they probably will get grumpy and refuse to let you take a picture of them holding up the spider in front of a lovely and clean white-wall.

But after all, this project is for them. Another reason to make your own ahead of time. Enjoy!



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