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Third Trimester Must Haves!

third trimester must haves!
Well, the bump keeps growing, and despite my feeling a lot better than I did at this point with Eli -- the bone aches and the restlessness and the exhaustion are really ramping up. Thanking my lucky stars for a husband who gets up with Eli 9 times out of 10 at the crack of dawn (ok, its probably more like 29 times out of 30) and helps me roll off the couch at the end of the night.

Here's a handful of things getting me through the last 10-ish weeks:

1 // PastTense oil blend from doTerra has been ridding me of mild headaches for weeks. The adjustment from 3 cups of a coffee a day down to just one is still lingering!

2 // Delicious pastry treats from Megpies -- if you have never had a chocolate hand pie, you have not lived. Our local Whole Foods carries these in the bakery case, and have so far been the only thing I have sent Nate out to retrieve for me during wild cravings.

3 // Blanqi Support Tank! True story, I have not worn a real bra in weeks. Maybe even months? This thing not only keeps my growing boobs supported, but makes me feel more put together when worn under anything from dresses to basic tees at the gym.

4 // Belly Oil from Zoe Organics has been slathered on after a shower since week 15 -- I never got stretch marks with Eli and I intend to finish this pregnancy without any, either!

5 // Comfy slippers I picked up at Target keep me from falling down the stairs. I fell down the entire flight of our apartment stairs on two separate occasions last winter, while wearing socks. Obviously, I do not wish to do that while pregnant or while carrying a newborn -- so these will be my best friend well into April.

6 // Tums are a given.

7 // Kanye West is probably not something (someone) you usually see on a pregnancy must haves list, but in an effort to stay as active as possible I pop on my Kanye Pandora channel and get to steppin'.



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