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Hospital Bag (Not-So) Essentials

hospital bag essentials


Everyone knows you need to pack cozy socks and gigantic undies in your Hospital Bag -- but we put together this little roundup of things that are totally non-essential but are perfect for newborn photo opps, snuggling, or just hanging out while you wait for the bean to arrive!

1 // Hospitals are pretty dry, so you should always have chap stick on hand. This Everything Balm from Zoe Organics doubles (triples! quadruples!) as a balm for cracked skin on your hands and face, or even babies bottoms.
2 // The only thing cuter than babies is bunnies. Okay, maybe not, but this super cute bodysuit from Garbella is a darling way to dress up your little one and send off photos to friends and family!
3 // Bringing a winter baby into the world is new territory for us, but this perfect winter bonnet from Little Sun Hat has me SQUEALING. I may have to sneak some faux-snow into our hospital room and snap some precious first photos of the Baby Lady.
4 // I'm crazy about every single thing from Lucy Darling, including these 'Brand New' stickers! Another perfect way to welcome baby to the world on Instagram.
5 // I can't remember if newborns even remember how to hold on to things, but this super cute rattle from Blabla is making its way into our bag, no matter what.
6 // I've got a bit of a blanket addiction, and this Pom Pom Throw from Serena and Lily has me swooning. Big enough for me and baby to snuggle under in our room!
7 // It's probably pointless to drag along the IPad again -- Eli came so fast that I had zero time to do anything but push him out -- but, it'll be great to have when I want to pop-in and check my work email and update friends and family via Facebook.



  • Annie from Brimful

    I adore that pretzel rattle too :).

  • Kara

    I absolutely loved this roundup! Thanks for including Little Sun Hat!!

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