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For most of my life I have lived in Utah (with a brief time in California). Raising my son in Utah though brings me so much joy, but also brings back so many memories of all the places that I enjoyed going to as a young, wild, adventure seeker.

Utah really has so many amazing things to do with children and here are some of our favorite #LHSAdventures that we take on a regular basis.

1. The Living Planet Aquarium:
The Living Planet Aquarium
With the bitter cold finally upon us, being able to go inside for these fun fish swimming all around we are frequent visitors of the aquarium. We love that we can go just to see the penguins or stay for the day and visit all the exhibits. Not sure what it is about animals but they really get our kid going.
The Living Planet Aquarium
Besides the fish, there are so many amazing local animals in the aquarium. Nixon is obsessed with animals and will be caught staring at them forever. We’re those people with the screaming child leaving the aquarium because he never wants to be away from his animal friends.

2. City Creek Shopping Center:
City Creek
It’s true, I am obsessed with shopping. So of course, I love taking my son shopping with me. You can always catch us at Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, J Crew, and for him we stop by Baby Gap for pieces that will go perfectly with his Little Hip Squeak apparel.

3. Utah State Capital: 
State Capital
I know, it’s weird, who likes to hang out at the state capital? We do! When you have a father that’s a local representative you tend to be up there more than the average person. The hills are fun to roll down, the stairs are great for those learning to walk and climb and there is plenty of room to run around and scream. Trust me, all the legislators love an echoing scream. We have such a fun time visiting grandpa and even get to sit on the floor when the session is going on.

4. Utah’s Hogle Zoo:
Hogle Zoo
With a kid as obsessed with animals as Nixon, we love going to the zoo. Living close by we are there two to three times a week. He love the seals, the elephants and most of all the carousel. Having a pass makes it easy to go for a carousel ride or just to watch the sea lions, whatever type of day it is, it’s nice to get out of the house and know your child is getting stimulated in some positive way.

5. David Ericson Fine Art Gallery:
David Ericson Fine Art Gallery
What better way to learn of culture and get the vibe of a new city than to view it’s art. David Ericson Fine Art specializes in the finest of Utah art. Nixon loves the paintings, but he really loves the little statues. He always finds them and tries to talk to them like they are his friends. He can find all the animals in the paintings and loves climbing the stairs. It’s all about being cultured with us and Nixon doesn’t want to miss out on anything.

6. The Local Library:
the library
If you were to ever come over to our home you would see books everywhere you go. With my wife having been a teacher, she has always kept our home full of a great collection of educational books. Learning to love books is important to us and there is no greater place to gain that love for reading than the library.

Nixon really loves to pick his own books and being in the library he actually will be quiet when trying to decide what book to take home. We will sit there and read books for a while and when he’s had it we always get to check a few out for home.

7. The Conference Center and Temple Square:
Temple sqaure
You really can’t go to Salt Lake City without going to Temple Square. You don’t have to be LDS to enjoy the amazing tours that talk about the history of the buildings, but there’s no better time to go than the day after Thanksgiving. The trees are covered from the tallest branch to the bottom of the trunk with lights. Nixon loves the lights and you may find us downtown perusing more than once this holiday season.

I mean, if you’re already downtown at Temple Square, you might as well hit up the conference center too. You can get a tour to the roof where there is a rooftop garden, a man made river going through it and goes over the edge to a waterfall along the side of the building. It is literally an out of city experience. Nixon loves watching the water, running through the garden and listening to the sound of the world famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing.

8. The Amazing Mountains:
the Wasatch mountains
Lets be real, you can’t come to Utah and not head up to the mountains. One of our favorite places to go is Silver Lake. There is a great dock that surrounds the lake and is super stroller friendly. You can take time to explore or walk quickly around and almost always you will see some type of wildlife.

There are so many places for many more #LHSAdventures, but we had to pick the best. Be sure to check out the rest of our adventures at The Modern Dad blog.


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