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She's So Boss // Erin Loechner of Design For Mankind

When I first discovered the blog Design for Mankind, it was liking learning the knock for a secret club. I felt like I was privy to new artists and finds before anyone else. With a knack for finding it first, Erin Loechner has paved the way for being recognized as one of the leading design and lifestyle blogs in the world. 

Erin Loechner
Aside from writing her two blogs, Design For Mankind and Design for Minikind, Erin has branched out to working as a stylist, a consultant, a clothing designer, executive editor for Clementine Daily, and still finds time to home school her almost three year old daughter, Bee. 

I love the way she has been able to structure her time with her child and her work and while we are all still figuring it out and the balance is a constant juggle, as always, Erin seems to have one foot ahead of the game. I'm honored to feature her for this month's SHE'S SO BOSS. Although with Erin, you could also call this SHE'S SO NICE. Ask anyone, she really is so nice. 
Erin Loechner of Design For Mankind
1. What does 7 AM look like to you? By this time, I'm nearly ready for lunch! I wake up at 4:45am to shower and tackle my work day so I can wear my full-time Mama Hat as early as noon. I like to compartmentalize my roles, so I usually sneak out of the coffee shop to finish lingering deadlines, sometimes hit a yoga class and then zoom back home to spend the day with my favorite toddler. :)

2. What's your favorite part of the day? I loooove early mornings when the day is 100% new. It's quiet and sleepy and slow and dark and I just find such comfort in knowing the day ahead will be what I make of it.
Erin Loechner of Design For Mankind
3. How do you find "me" time when you are also working full time and homeschooling Bee?  Oh, well, you know, I think I've just kind of adjusted my expectation of what "me" time is. Before Bee, "me" time was a leisurely brunch or quiet movie night or an afternoon curled on the sofa with my favorite book. But now, "me" time is really just "our" time. It's different, but just as energizing. Watching Bee try her hand at watercolors or finish a really challenging puzzle is so invigorating to me, and I think to myself, "Gosh, these are the days, aren't they?" I know at the end of my life I won't miss the spa days or indulgent brunches. I'll miss this.

4. With so many things going on with different channels of your work, how do you keep perspective? I'm a believer that God exists in the details and is fully, 100% present and good, so I have completely released control to His guidance. It helps knowing I don't have to be in charge of everything - the world is spinning under someone's hands much more capable than I.
Erin Loechner
5. What is your favorite family tradition and what does it entail? Movie night! My husband's popcorn recipe is world-famous and we love cuddling up on the couch to lose ourselves in a story different than our own.

6. What are your "can't leave home without" items? Keys, phone, wallet, lip gloss, and you'll likely find me with a cup of coffee in my hand - nearly always.

7. How are you instilling your creative drive in your daughter? Ha, I feel like she's instilling hers in mine! She was born with just so much zest for life; it's an inspiration to watch. She's a burst of energy! You can often find Bee and I having "slumber parties" on the kitchen floor where we pile blankets and pass cashews and tell stories. Or, we're working on letters right now, so our dry erase wall and colorings books are getting lots of mileage! Mostly, I just let her be. The world is hers to discover and I love seeing her map out her own way.
Erin Loechner of Design For Mankind
8. What's your next step in growing your brand? I actually think I've been in a loooong process of unbranding myself. I've learned that I'm a person, not a machine, so I'm giving myself the grace to grow and change and adapt into what feels the most true for me - today, in this moment. It's been a really healthy process for me.

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(Image Credit: Ken Loechner​)

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