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Must Haves for The Big Brother

must have for big brothers
I've read enough blog posts, and have enough friends with second (and third!) children, that I know the first introduction between siblings can be a little harrowing. Luckily, E is more excited to meet his sister than he is at the prospect of Santa visiting in just a few short weeks, but none-the-less I felt it really important for him to get some really special Big Brother gifts when he comes to see her for the first time in the hospital.

1 & 2 // Of course, the perfect place to tuck all these goodies is in a brand new backpack from Swankaroo -- E actually already has the camo bag and we're obsessed! It's the perfect size for holding treats like Bitsy's Cookies and fruit rope.

3 // I've asked on the LHS Facebook page for tips on what to include in a Big Brother Kit and dozens of people suggested getting a disposable camera so he could snap photos of her from his view! Not only will that keep him entertained, but it's a great adventure once we're home to take him to the local drug store and have the film developed.

4 // The very obvious inclusion is a shirt telling the world that he is indeed a BIG BROTHER. There's TONS of options out there, but this pennant look is darling.

5 // One of the first books we got to introduce the idea to E was When Mommy Has Our Baby -- and Eli LOVES it. We're also fans of Baby's Dont Eat Pizza and The New Baby. We'll pack these along to read together as a little refresher.

6 // This one isn't making its way with us to the hospital, but I just LOVE these customizable dish-sets from Dylbug. It's a great way to make sure E feels special when we're transitioning to a fourth person in our home. Psst, we're also giving away a set of these on our Facebook page today! Head over for details!

7 // A friend with a two year old and a newborn told me that the best thing to bring for Brother to the hospital is something to keep him busy -- especially if he's coming around discharge time and you've got paperwork to wrap up. I love these Whoa Bots from Tree Hopper Toys, they're a really cool stacking toy that teaches about balance while also keeping tiny hands busy.

If there's anything we're missing and MUST HAVE, please leave suggestions in the comments!



  • Lacey

    Oh, and also a new pair of Jammies!

  • Lacey

    I have a big brother kit started as well (due 4/25). Anyway, my 19 mo old is obsessed with sunglasses so I will be ordering him a pair of babiators! Thanks for this post. Great snack ideas.

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