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The Best Gifts For Everyone

Every single year I struggle with what to gift the people closest to me-- my husband and my mom. They're SO hard to shop for! For me, the easiest gifts to get are for every OTHER person in my life. Preschool teachers, our post-man, my manufacturing staff! My go-to gifts are almost always edible (with great packaging, of course) -- and I've rounded up a few of my favorite things to be giving this year!


the best gifts for everyone


1 & 2 // Gourmet candy bars and treats! The ones shown are  from Liddabit Sweets! They're made in the same building as the LHS studios, and it takes a lot of willpower to walk by their storefront every morning without nabbing up some caramels or cookies. I also love gifting The Caramel Jar, Whimsy and Spice brownies or chocolate tarts from Megpies! All these shops ship and have really beautiful packaging!

3 // A bag of high quality coffee beans! Most everyone loves coffee (sane people, anyway) and it's a step up from handing someone a Starbucks Gift Card. This bean is from Fernwood Coffee, and aside from being a really delicious rich brew, it has gorgeous branding.

4 // Tote bags can be given as a solo gift, but my favorite way to go is filling it up with gifts like the ideas above, maybe a bottle of wine, too! I love this sweet Succulent Tote from Shop Homestead!

5 // Giving body care products can be a little tricky, since not everyone's tastes are the same -- but there's something for just about everyone at Whiskey, Ink and Lace, including this seasonally appropriate Spiced Chai Hand Cream. I'm also loving their Beard Shampoo Bars, and will be stuffing my hubby's stocking with a couple of those this year!

6 // On the much pricier side of things, a really great pair of headphones with an iTunes gift card makes a really good gift for just about anyone in your life -- Brother-in-Law, Mom, Husband, Sister -- and I'm swooning over these beauties from BeoPlay. You can also find really great deals this time of year on headphones on sites like Overstock or Zulily this time of year -- or hit up the electronics section of your local Marshall's!

What's your favorite thing to gift this season?


  • Becky@OneLaneRoad

    Great ideas, thank you for sharing!

  • Vanessa @ Little Gold Pixel

    I would be happy to receive vats of chocolate. It’s my weakness.

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