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Sleeper Hero!

sleeper hero


We don't typically do product reviews on the LHS blog, but I'm such a fan of the Sleeper Hero, I want to shout it from the rooftops!

In the last 18 months or so, Eli has been upgraded from "seriously shitty sleeper" to "decent sleeper". Even at 3.5 years old he still occasionally will wake up several times in the night requesting to snuggle, and without fail was tip-toeing into our room at the first sliver of daylight (usually just after 530AM).

With Baby Lady on the way, and their rooms directly next to each other, we were struggling to find a way to keep E in his room as long as possible (currently if you suggest he plays with a toy in his room until we're ready to wake up, he naturally chooses the plastic, noise making jackhammer...someone remind me to take that out of his room) -- so when Sleeper Hero reached out to us, it seemed like such a brilliant idea!

The doll has a big bright light in the center of it's chest, that with a few settings to its clock (safely tucked away under it's cape) you can set the light to turn red when it's bedtime, and remain red until a reasonable hour that you've chosen (in our case, since the boy does not nap, it's 7PM - 630AM). After 630AM the light turns green and he can happily shuffle into our room to snuggle until we roll ourselves out of bed.

Being the very literal child he is, it was a hilarious first few days including yelling from his room "MOMMMMM!!! MY LIGHT IS RED BUT I AM AWAKE... I'M IN BED....I THINK HE'S MIXED UP...ARE YOU AWAKE? MOMMMMM! DADDDDDDDD!", followed by a handful of mornings where he came into our room announcing that the light was red but that he had to go potty (three year olds love loopholes). But after a few weeks of using it, he's adjusted pretty well and usually falls back asleep, or will wake up and sing Queens' - "We Will Rock You" in his bed quietly (I'm so proud).

We've also found that the red light comes in very very handy on particularly cranky bed-time hours, as we actually have visual evidence that it's indeed bedtime! The light does not lie!


The Sleeper Hero also includes a darling book that tells a tale of a boy named Luke who has trouble staying in bed at night, and helps explain how the doll works in a story-tale way. If you've got a kid who struggles with bedtime rules, I am telling you GET THIS!

The Sleeper Hero team is generously offering 15% off all orders with code LHS15 -- and we're ALSO giving away one on the LHS Facebook page! Head over here to enter!

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  • Meggie Hunley - SleeperHero

    And I want to shout “thank you!!” from my rooftop in Cincinnati for making an exception and featuring SleeperHero on your blog! Mostly glad to glad to hear that SleeperHero is helping your little one. Hope it is able to help some of your readers as well. :)

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