Baby Lady's Nursery!

To say I love Baby Lady's nursery is the understatement of a century. When Eli was born, we were living in a one-bedroom apartment and shared our room for the first 15 months of his life. The place was pretty spacious (by Brooklyn standards) but I never really got to experience the joy of building a space for him that was all his own. Fast forward to current day, and our 3-bedroom Brooklyn apartment, and the room that was once the LHS studio (for a very brief 10 months) is now a beautiful haven for our little girl.
 Baby Lady's nursery

I knew I wanted this room to be bright, full of color, and very eclectic -- and the art on the walls is key to tying everything together! I made the hanging wall ornament at The Land of Nod event I attended last month with Ashley Goldberg. It's simply plastic ornaments filled with crinkle paper, glitter and tidbits strung together with some yarn. The Britt Bass print is the very first thing I bought for this room, and I love it so very much! The wooden donut hanging is a gift from my friends at Everyday Is a Holiday, and the alphabet print was a gift from my good (and also pregnant!) friend Stacie, of Gingiber.

The ridiculously cool cardboard wall hanging from Karen Kimmel used to hang in the LHSHQ, but I knew it would fit in perfectly in the nursery so I brought it home to hang up! The gold-foil print J was a gift from Lucy Darling and the amazing one of a kind piece to the right of that is a stretched canvas screen art from the amazing Earth Cadets!

Our crib was the last thing to be added to the room -- I had debated putting one in here so we could save space while she'd likely be sleeping in her bassinet in our room anyway, but I fell in love with this really basic Union Crib on Amazon. The color matched perfectly, so we scooped it up!

The basket on the floor is from Ikea, and is full of swaddling blankets and quilts. I have a serious addiction to baby blankets, and have been saving up several from LHS, plus picking them up from some of my favorite brands like LWPH Sews and Oilo Studio. The gorgeous purple rug was a gift from The Land Of Nod. The Violet Bow sheet was part of the LHS/Ivie Baby Collaboration earlier this year!

One of my favorite things in this room is the gorgeous Neo Rocker c/o The Land of Nod, it's a gorgeous heather-y gray and so so comfy! The chair pillow, and rolling cart are both from Ikea.

Even though she won't be getting into this basket of toys for a bit, she's got quite the collection of stuffed animals and wooden blocks! Some of my favorites are the sheep from Gingiber and the stuffed Cactus from Baba Souk!

When we moved into this apartment, this room was a very vibrant mint green -- my very favorite color in the world -- but an entire room that bright was CRAZY, so I painted three of the walls a dark gray. When we found out baby was a lady, I wanted to keep the single mint wall, but wanted to brighten things up with white in the rest of the room, and with some of the furniture. I am in LOVE with this little shelf I picked up on Amazon, and have collected some precious little things for it including a print from Half Pint Shop, wooden teether c/o Bannor Toys, moccs from Freshly Picked, and this adorable stuffed cat pillow from Sleepy King. Dresser is from Gothic Cabinet Craft, yellow suitcases are c/o The Land of Nod, changing pad is from Giggle! Burp cloths are from LHS, and those teeny tiny booties are from Zutano. J wall hanging is from Baby Jives. Hello decal c/o Urban Walls.

I LOVE the Baby Home Dream Cots, so much that we got TWO (one for upstairs, one for downstairs). The navy one was a gift, and matches her room so perfectly. We'll likely be moving this, plus the Mamaroo c/o 4Moms into our bedroom once she arrives, and eventually the Mamaroo will come with me to the studio! I swapped out the included toy-balls for these sweet heart ornaments I picked up on Etsy a couple years ago (that have been sitting atop my dresser ever since).

I am so in love with this room and can't believe we're 3 weeks away (or less!) from meeting the Lady! It goes without saying that she has a lot (a lot lot lot) of clothes, so hopefully she's cool with playing dress-up.




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Is the rocker comfy for nursing? I’m eyeing it to use with our expectant new babe in a couple months?


Banana is from Marshall’s!


Where did you get that amazing toy banana?


THIS IS SOOO CUTE! I love eclectic style and the hip colors you picked out! Obsessed! Nice work mama


Ahh! I’m just seeing this now! Geez everything is so so fun! Love it all to bits!! Such a happy, bright, cheerful, artful room! YAY! And thanks so so much for mentioning our donut! :)


Jenny Holiday

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