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Nursing Mom Must-Haves!

nursing mom must haves


I'm one of the lucky-duck moms who has had breastfeeding come very easily for me -- both my babies latched on perfectly within minutes of being born, and I've never had any major issues with supply. I still, of course, deal with the usual crackled nipples, painful engorgement and ridiculously weird night-sweats. Plus, the hunger. OH the hunger!

I put together a quick list of my favorite things that have gotten me through the first two weeks -- including The Best Pump Ever, from Medela (it's actually the Freestyle, but I'm starting a petition that they change the name). I had a ridiculous over-supply when my milk first came in, which gave me a clogged duct that was remedied by pumping and using a heating pad! The best part about this pump is the option to plug it in, or use it on battery power (so you can pump while watching reruns of 30 Rock in bed).

I have been so so hungry, more so than during pregnancy. Baby Lady cluster feeds a lot during the day (but she gives me good 3 hour stretches at night, so I'm not complaining). For a quick snack that I can manage one handed, I'm living off cheese sticks and Kind Bars.

The Nursing Tank from Bravado is so comfortable, plus its thick enough that I can wear it around the house with a hoodie and leggings -- and feel like I'm somewhat put together.

I'm smitten with everything Zoe Organics makes, from belly oil to bath soap, and their Nipple Balm was my BFF for the first few days of nursing.

Everyone knows there is not enough water in the world available to you when you're nursing. I'm keeping three glass Life Factory bottles stocked in our fridge, one with a few drops of my favorite Lemon Essential Oil from Doterra for some flavor.

Most everyone thinks of Boppy when they think of nursing pillows, but I registered for the Gia Pillow when I was pregnant with Eli and am a huge fan. The thick-to-thin shape makes it a bit more versatile in the positions you can nurse baby in, and it doubles as a great pillow for tummy time!



  • Erin

    I am aIways on the run and always forget to charge my pump. One day I stopped in CVS to grab a manuel pump and I grabbed the medala manuel pump- it was amazing! It’s easy and I am able to produce so much!


  • Amber H

    I posted on your IG but wanted to add it here too…the affordable care act requires most insurance companiee to cover the cost of a breast pump now. Most women don’t know this and still spend hundreds of their own money on breast pumps. So I wanted to spread the word!! Here’s the government website with the info. Might be a helpful bit of info to include in your blog post :)

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