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One Month of Juniper!

baby Juniper
It's an age-old cliche that a new baby feels like they've been with you forever -- but also that you can hardly believe how much time has passed since they came into your life. Today officially marks a full month with her, and while I still haven't wrapped my head around the fact that it's even 2015, let alone February -- she fits so perfectly into our family, I can't remember what it was like before she came.

I am enjoying the newborn stage much more this time around. Mostly, I think, because you know all the frustrating sleepless nights, all the cluster feedings, all the demands to be in constant-motion are temporary things and will be gone before the blink of an eye. While I am completely exhausted with her waking every 2-3 hours to eat, and my back hurts from wearing her in a sling all day -- I am savoring every single moment of it.

In her last month, she's been to Whole Foods at least a half dozen times, Target a few times, and two brunches (both for Mexican food). She's lived through two NYC snowstorms, and had countless brownie crumbs dropped on her head. She (much like her brother at this age) despises the car seat, and screams bloody murder unless we're clocking over 45 miles an hour (which is pretty hard to do in the streets of Brooklyn).

She contently sleeps in her bassinet at night, but during the day needs to be on a body or in her Mamaroo Rocker (constant motion is the key, here). She's still very very much the apple of her brother's eye, and she has enjoyed several thousand kisses from him over the course of the month. She undoubtedly looks exactly like me as a baby, but with darker skin and hair. She quickly outgrew her newborn sized clothing, and very much enjoys getting a belly massage with some lavender baby oil before jammies. She has not shed a single tear during any of her bath times, and her big brother enjoys washing her knees and toes.

Somehow, I have given her the nickname "Princess Peach" for no explicable reason. I would never in my wildest dreams imagine that I refer to my daughter as "princess" but from the moment she was born and wrapped in a peach swaddling blanket I have called her this. We almost exclusively refer to her as "Juni" otherwise -- although Nate has called her Eli or "Buddy" a dozen times, at least.

This girl is the sweetest little thing, and we are so very in love with her!



  • Johanna

    Lovely post! Congratulations! Just wanted to let you know I featured your cute little striped romper on my blog today.

  • Rebecca

    I know how you feel about “princess!” We somehow started calling Cam “pineapple princess” after the Annette Funicello song and it just totally stuck!

  • Kelsey

    I love her!! She’s such a doll and what a champ for chunking up so quickly! Eli makes such a sweet big bro. So much love :)

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