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Two Months of Juniper!

Our second month with Juni was even faster than our first Juniper
She is proving to be a daddy's girl -- lighting up and searching for him when she hears his voice. She's incredibly chatty and will coo and attempt to mimic almost any sound or face we make. Her eyes have darkened up to be a lovely brown with flecks of navy, and her skin tone has lightened to be closer to mine (although still decidedly more like Nate's).

She met her second grandmother, and had her first cold in the same week. Her big brother is still very much in love with her, often offering to nurse her. She sleeps 3.5 hour stretches at night in her bassinet, but will only nap on a body during the day.

She loves to be worn in a wrap, and is especially interested in Whole Foods bakery department (that's my girl). She loves bath time and being naked, and has the same outtie belly button as her brother.

I still occasionally call her Princess Peach, but more recently have been referring to her as Sister. We rarely call her Juniper, and prefer the shortened version of Juni almost always. I have been pooped on three times this month, and she has ruined one heirloom white blanket. Regardless, we'll keep her.

We love you Junebug!



  • susan // fleurishing

    She is so stinkin cute. Princess Peach – hilarious. ;)

  • Nico

    It’s like being filthy rich having a teeny baby around!!! She’s so loved, you can hear it in these words!

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