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Three Months of Juniper!

Well, the time has come to say goodbye to the sweet newborn days with this little princess. She has changed SO much over the last 4-ish weeks, and I couldn't be more in love with this darling girl!


baby Juniper

Juniper is one very chatty Kathy, she coos and squeaks constantly. Her favorite things to see are her headband collection dangling on the wall, a tiny red bunny from Polarn O. Pyret, and black and white striped shirts, worn by her mama. Her hair appears to be turning auburn, much to my delight, but her eyes are decidedly dark brown like her daddy's. Her eyelashes are unbelievably long, to the point where I fear the day one goes into her tiny eyes.


more baby Juniper

She boycotted the swaddle about two weeks ago, and has been sleeping so much better since (8-1 is the best stretch of the night). Her first introduction to the ocean happened this month, when I took her and her brother to the New York Aquarium just nestled on Coney Island. She had her first airplane flight this month, and even with an hour delay on the tarmac, didn't let out a single cry (thank you, nipples).

We have ditched the bath-in-the-sink, and have let her enjoy taking bubble baths amongst the company of her brother -- to both of their delight. She met her first, and only (second) cousins -- including my cousins son, Chase, who is one day younger than her. She also met grass for the first time (and wasn't a fan).


baby girl headband


She can usually be found in a pair of Freshly Picked Crib Moccs, but despite her vast, vast collection of headbands, she's often left bald. Much like her brother at 3 months, she's a whopping 95th percentile across the board, making her the size of an average 6 month old, yet I'm still squeezing her into 0/3M apparel for the most part.

Her nickname has once again changed, currently to Sister -- a nickname one of my cousins had as a kid that I wholeheartedly loathed in the early 90s (perhaps out of jealously from being an only child).

She is an absolute sunshine. Here's to life with an Infant.


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