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Four Months of Juniper!

baby Juniper
Juni has had quite a big month!

In the past four weeks, she's celebrated her first big holiday (Easter), attended her first Little Hip Squeaks Studio Sale, had her first cross-country flight (Utah!), her first six hour road trip, and met her great grandparents for the first time.

She "talks" constantly, always babbling, cooing and happily screeching at her brother, any time he comes even remotely near her. She has learned how to pull hair (both mine and Eli's -- my husband is lucky he's bald) and discovered all the exciting things her hands can do.

She was sleeping like a champion, waking up only at 2AM, but after our flight to Utah things have been super wonky, and she's taken to newborn-esque around the clock feedings through the night. She hasn't figured out how to roll over yet but loves hanging out on a big cushion, on her back, in the playroom while surveying the people and things around her. She's been working with me at the LHSHQ a couple times a week, and spends most of her time there napping in a sling.

She loves being naked (who doesn't) and her little personality is really starting to shine through! So far, she seems to be very much a go with the flow type baby, as opposed to her brother who was (is) stubborn as a rock and was definitely more difficult as an infant.

Her nickname is still 'Sister', or occasionally 'Ju-Gee' (she has my husbands last name, which starts with a G) and she still loooooves being held in a carrier. While we mostly still use a wrap, I've started to put her in a sling when I know she'll be awake and alert and she's enjoying that so much! I suspect she'll be getting teeth within the next four weeks, because her gums are a bit swollen and she's a slobbery mess. She loves gnawing on a knuckle and has learned how to pull things to her mouth -- her favorites being a stuffed bear her Grandma Sue gave her for easter, and a silicone teething bracelet I bought while pregnant.

She is such a happy, easy going baby and our whole family is just obsessed with her!


  • Nicole H

    Amy she is soooo adorable! I’m dying to hold my little one in 6 weeks. Juni is as sweet and perfect as babies come!

  • Ashley Yi

    She is adorable!

  • Tereza

    oh goodness how cute!!!

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