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hello from June & January
What’s in a name, really?

Four weeks after I started stock piling items I had sewn at my kitchen table in a tiny Brooklyn apartment in summer of 2011, I was still struggling to think of a name for my yet-to-be-open Etsy shop. By some strange luck, that I truly don’t even recall, I came to Little Hip Squeaks. Everyone was always commenting on how clever it was, how cute it was. It has served me so very well these past 4 years, but it’s time to say goodbye Little Hip Squeaks, and hello June & January.

June & January, the months, in order, in which my beautiful babies arrived on this earth.

I had no idea of the things that would come when I started this business. Its a business I would like to expand, to grow, to take the brand to a bigger and better place. It’s a brand I want people to remember for it’s basic, well made pieces. Clothes their children laughed and played and smiled in.
June & January timeline

Over the last 4 years, this business has become something completely unrecognizable from the business I started with borrowed sewing machine and a few yards of cotton from Joann Fabrics.

This name change kicks off some other incredibly exciting things for our business. We’ve added a second manufacturer, to help us expand our styles and offerings, and to help us keep your favorites in stock. We’ve begun working with a distribution center to get your order fulfilled faster, and with an automated system that will reduce errors with over-selling and shipping mistakes, PLUS faster ship times. We’re moving our HQ a few doors down, to a beautiful space with enough square footage for a conference table that I can invite other makers, CEOs and like-minded creatives to join me for lunch while we talk everything from biz to babies. We’ve also hired a small handful of people who help us grow our brands presence in the media and our own online (and offline!) community.

We’re looking forward to the future, adding new styles, a wider range of sizing, and introducing new collections and collaborations outside of what we’ve done in the past. We’re so excited and hopeful that you’ll continue to support us 110% during this next stage of our business, and want to thank you all again for showing us that you’re truly the best customers and fans a girl could ask for.

For questions, press inquiries or love letters, email us at

Little Hip Squeaks, LLC copyright and trademark remains held by our brand. Anyone attempting to use this name in the future will be pursued legally. 


  • kelly garvey

    OMG what an amazing few years! You should be so proud! way to go!

  • Jennifer

    Yay for bigger sizes!!!!

  • Karen

    Bigger sizes!!!! Yes please….my daughter is about to outgrow 3T….I’ll keep buying her stuff if you keep making it bigger! I’m excited to see the new stuff.

  • sarah clark

    huge congratulations amy!!! i’m so excited for you and your amazing team!!! i love your new name!!! and i love your story and how you just laid it out for all of us to see, you are such an inspiration!! sarah xo

  • June & January

    Emily— our first launch under the new name is coming on June 12th!

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