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Five Months of Juniper!

Five Months of Juniper


My little love had such a good month!

She recently had her first trip to Manhattan (twice in one week, actually), got to visit the Aquarium, went to Play-land to celebrate her brothers 4th birthday, and went to Philadelphia!

This girl loves water, like LOOOOVEEES it. She gets one smacking the water like a flipper and it's the cutest thing I have ever seen. She's been in pools a few times now and every time is just delighted to be kicking and flapping.

This month was her first time alone with her nanny (does it count if I was working upstairs the whole time?). She also started sleeping in her crib, which has been so much easier than I had expected! She's been sleeping OK stretches (maybe 3-4 hours at best) but its been an improvement from last month.

She's fascinated by cups (yes, cups) and will squeal and lunge at them when she spots it. Still a huge fan of her brother, she loves when he slows down long enough to pay her attention, and she's gotten a mean grip on his hair a few times.

She is such a happy, relaxed baby! I can't believe she's five months old already, but I also feel like she's been with us forever! I love this lady!


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  • Monique

    Amy, Juni is a doll! My 5 month old Sofia (born January 6th) just started sleeping in her crib too! By the way where are those super cute mint sunglasses from?

  • Hailey

    I can’t believe Juniper is 5 months old already. She is cute as pie! Hey! Our girls are 15 days apart; how cool. Can we stop time jut for a minute or two to just soak it all in? Can’t wait to watch all the little ones grow up in your clothes. You’re supermom! Enjoy your sweet kids & we’ll all be watching and enjoying it with you on Instagram.

  • Brittany

    Hi Amy! I have been following you on Instagram for about a year now and love your brand! I was pregnant and due January 8th and knew you were due just before me, so when you went into labor on the 3rd I was actually a little bit jealous? Little did I know my son Eli would be born the next day! I have so enjoyed seeing your monthly posts about your daughter, (she is absolutely adorable?) and watching her grow alongside my son:) Just thought I would say hi and that you’re awesome? Love the new name, and everything I’ve seen so far coming on the 12th! Can’t wait to snag a few things!

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