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Baby Feeding Must Haves!

So much has changed in the 4 years since Eli was a "new eater" -- and I gotta say, this time around, there are endless choices for feeding your little one!
I managed to grab all these things on Amazon over the past few months, and Juni has enjoyed the world of avocados, bananas and zucchini, thanks to these awesome finds!

1 // Kiddo Feedo freezer storage; it's BPA free and FDA approved, so you don't have to worry about any yuckies making their way into your little ones food.

2 // Kidsme Food Feeder; the little silicone attachment lets baby self-feed without the danger of choking on large pieces. We use this thing DAILY.

3 // Beaba refillable pouch is another great self-feeding option and I love the design and ease to clean this one.

4 // Munchkin Freezer Pops are sooo great if you have a teether. I've been making fresh juices and smoothies and freezing into these little pops for Juni to gnaw on while the rest of us eat dinner.

5 // Num Num Dips spoons are such a great tool if you're trying the Baby Led Weaning approach to solids. J is already learning to scoop foods with these and with a soft silicone tip, they're even great just for teething.

6 // Nuby food masher is a great way to get food finely mashed for baby -- without having to break out the blender or that weird mashed-potato tool. I also may have used it a few times to make us grown ups guacamole.

Do you have any favorites we missed?! I'd love to hear 'em!


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