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Seven Months of Juniper!

Seriously, seven months?! Dude, she was JUST. BORN.



Juni continues to be a constant source of joy for our little family; she is such a content and easy going baby. She is, however, still a terrible terrible sleeper and wakes up pretty much every two hours still, and cannot be calmed by anything but the nip.

She is a crazy filthy eater and makes such a mess, she prefers her food to be ice cold or near frozen -- but generally can take it or leave it (Eli would THROW A FIT in between bites of food).

July was a crazy month that kicked off our summer of FIVE trips -- we spent a week in the Catskills where she enjoyed hours of pool time. This kid LOVES water. Bath time, pool time, beach time, showers, sprinklers, faucets. If it makes water, she loves it. She also joined our family for our annual week long trip to Maine with all my in-laws, and she lounged on the beach like the Queen she is.

On the sadder side of things, she had her first fever and virus. Brother came home from summer camp with Coxsackie, and luckily the two of them had it pass quickly, but both had a miserable couple of days.


She's becoming more of a daddy's girl every day -- which is so sweet to watch her giggle with excitement when Nate enters the room. Obviously, she still remains a big fan of her brother and has started to say "BAAA!" when she sees him (how stinking cute is that).

She's sitting up now all on her own, which really makes her relationship with Eli all that more fun to see unfold. She hasn't mastered getting up on her knees yet, so I suspect we have awhile until she starts crawling (E was crawling about a week before he turned 7 months) -- the good news is that means we can keep legos out a bit longer. She loves going for long walks in her stroller and has a serious fascination with trees. She saw her first seagull while we were in Maine and the delightful noises she made were enough to break a thousand hearts.

I love this girl so much, it's so true what they say about forgetting what life was like before a baby joins your family.

Happy seven months, Junebug!



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