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Balancing Family and School Life

Now that school is back on and has taken over your schedule, sometimes you might feel like it is harder to work in quality time with the kids.  With a little creativity, balancing family and school life is no problem.

Before you start thinking that spending quality time with your children means forking out big bucks for a fancy vacation, consider the simple activities you can do together as a family.

Cooking and Meal Prep

Preparing delicious meals together for school has several advantages. You get to work in bonding time while making sure your child will be eating well at school.

Watch TV together

What?  Watch TV together?  If you encourage your kids not to watch TV during the week so they can focus on school, rewarding kids with some weekend TV time together is an option.  While it may be the 47-thousandth time you've seen the show, kids love having parents by their side.

Help them out with their homework

Sure, you want your kids be independent in their learning. But wouldn't it be a little sweeter if you give them a hand in completing their requirements? Not only do they finish ahead of time, but you can also see their academic progress. Best part? You get to bond over homework and they will know they have the best support system ever.

Be their fashion partner

Kids love picking out their outfits for school. Be their ultimate fashion police as they get dressed in the morning and their partner in crime when shopping for new outfits.


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