Austin is home to the JJHQ... If there is one thing I know about Austin, it's that the summers are HOT. Finding places to cool off with your kids can be a challenge. Lucky for you, I've compiled my 5 favorite places to escape the heat with my kids and I hope you enjoy!

Amy's Ice Creams/Phil's Ice House:

We have spent many many hot summer days at Amy's, too many to count honestly.  It is the perfect place to sit in the shade, watch your kiddos play, and eat the best food. In my opinion, Phil's has one of the best burgers in Austin. Get the 78704, trust me on this one. Now let's talk Amy's Ice Creams. The one really great thing about living in Austin is that there is no shortage of Ice Cream shops. But if you want the quintessential ice cream "go to" you have to stop by Amy's! Moses has a dairy allergy, so any place that has multiple vegan ice cream options is a friend of mine. Fun trick: you can have the server split a tiny for your kids. Just ask for two half tinies and your kiddos get the perfect amount of ice cream! Oh, and did I mention that sprinkles are free for kids!? Oh Amy's, how I love thee.

Millie is wearing: Hair Clip // Peplum // Varsity Shorts // Shoes 

Moses is wearing: Romper // Shoes 

Casey's New Orleans Snowballs:

 If you're craving a snow cone in Austin it's very likely that you will be going to Casey's! Ask any Austin local where they are going for snow cones, and if they don't say Casey's I will be shocked. It's set on a corner lot in east Austin with the cutest little front porch you've ever seen. Their menu has just about everything you could ever want in a snow cone. Moses had the rainbow snowball and I had the cantaloupe and cream snowball, both were amazing! They also have several 100% juice snowballs as a healthier option. Casey's is a must when keeping cool in Austin!

Moses is wearing: Hat // Basic Tee // Varsity Shorts // Shoes 

Deep Eddy Pool:

Like I said, Austin can get HOT in the summer. Like, really really hot. Staying cool and being outdoors can be next to impossible. Thank goodness for Deep Eddy Pool! The oldest swimming pool in Texas that is anywhere from 66 to 75 °F at all times. The water comes from a hand dug 35 foot well and is not chlorinated. The world slows down a little at Deep Eddy. People of all ages enjoying the cool temps, tons of kids splashing and playing in the shallow beach like water, lovebirds snuggling on the hills, and families picnicking and enjoying the huge shade trees. That's what you will find here on a normal afternoon. Also, don't miss out on their epic movie nights in the summer! When the sun sets you can relax in the water or on the hill to watch a family friendly movie. If you're wondering where we will be this summer, its right here.

Millie is wearing: Headband // Swimsuit // Shoes // Swim Floats 

Moses is wearing: Swimsuit // Swim Float 

Austin Beerworks:

 Being a true Austin hipster means you MUST appreciate local craft beer. I'm kidding! kind of... But really, a typical weekend for an Austin family is going to at least one brewery. Austin Beerworks just happens to be right around the corner, and lucky for us because this place has it all! The downfall of most breweries is the lack of food. Austin Beerworks not only has food, but they have their own food truck on site at all times! They also have an abundance of free buttery popcorn. My kids acted like they owned the place with how much popcorn was consumed. Worried about entertaining your kiddos while you try that new brew? Well, you shouldn't! They have a chalkboard, hula hoops, and plenty of shaded room to run! Austin Beerworks makes for the perfect Saturday afternoon with your kids!

Millie is wearing: Bow // Swing Dress // Shoes 

Moses is wearing: Tank (Coming Soon) // Varsity Shorts // Shoes

Splash Shack:

 Last but certainly not least, Splash Shack! This indoor water park was MADE for parents that need a break. I don't think there is more than 2 inches of standing water anywhere in this building, which makes for stress free water play! I don't know about you, but when it comes to my kids swimming I turn into full helicopter mom. Being able to sit down and watch my kids play in the water was one for the books. Also, no need for sunscreen! Can I get an amen!? The ONLY downfall of this incredible place is that they don't allow outside food to come in, and when my kids swim they get HUNGRY. We had to leave and make a picnic on the concrete outside. It's not a huge hassle, but definitely something to think about when preparing. Splash Shack will be seeing lots of us come mid summer when its too hot to do much of anything!

Millie is wearing: Bow // Swimsuit // Shoes 
Moses is wearing: Swimsuit // Shoes // Bag
 I hope you enjoyed our list! We would love to know when you visit any of these cool places!
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These places all look amazing! I will definitely save for any future trips to Austin.

Nycole Van Horn

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