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Eight Months of Juniper!

Eight!?! Eight. Seriously. Eight. I cannot believe it.

This photo has be cracking up so hard. She is a Stage 5 clinger lately and is generally stunned, furious and/or inconsolable if I am in the room but not actually holding her myself. Eli offered (begged) to sit with her in an attempt to cheer her up, but her eyes say it all.


She had one heck of an August -- first we traveled, just the two of us, to Austin. Then we took a family vacation to Charlotte, then two days after we landed home from that trip, we all were California bound, to help celebrate the launch of the new Orbit stroller with some of my favorite Internet-families. She's flown 5 times in her 8 months, and thankfully she's a total breeze in the air.

She got to meet her first dog (!!!) while in Charlotte, my cousins pup, Chase -- and she was smitten. The noises this girl made when he came remotely close to her were amazing. Chase was happy to lick drool and mashed bananas off her all week long.

The girl cannot figure out how to crawl, but given the chance, she'll pull herself up on any and every surface. She's also happy to eat just about anything, from iceberg lettuce to ice cream. Unfortunately she is still a miserable sleeper, and with all our traveling this past month, she has spent a large majority of her nights in our bed.

The babbling has really picked up the past few days -- starting with dada and now nana/mama. It's definitely not really directed at either of us, but we're still giddy over the fact that she's saying something. She's also been doing this painfully cute thing where she tries to eskimo kiss us and shakes her head back and forth over and over. It's amazing.



I'm feeling extra thankful for a flexible lifestyle that allows me to spend all this time with her, and travel with our family. While most of me feels like 8 months has flown by, the rest of me feels like she's always been part of our crew.





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