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National Physical Fitness and Sports Month: 3 Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

I heard an interesting quote before.  It said something like “meditate for at least half an hour each day.  If you're too busy to meditate, do it for an hour.”  I'm not as spiritually in tune with myself to be meditating, but I like to think that the concept of the quote applies to family time, too.

No doubt, you’re working hard for your family - harder than they’re likely ever to realize. Part of being a parent is not only providing for your family but being a friend, too.  Everyone is busy these days.  Career, school, hobbies, life.  However, it's never too late to reboot your life. Careers and hobbies will change.  Family will always remain.  They need you.

Since May is the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, put aside your material priorities for a moment and take the opportunity to get in some quality time with your family, all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Fitness doesn't have to be boring.  Plan a getaway, mark the calendar, and embark on new family adventures.  Here are three outdoor activities to help get you started.

1. Hike a local trail

Hiking doesn't have to be exhausting. Hiking doesn't have to feel like you've just run a marathon.  Start small and hike a trail that is less than a mile and lets you take in some beautiful scenery.

You're not out to prove anything.  The difference when hiking with family is that you're in it for the bonding time and not bragging rights of conquering a peak.  It’s up to you how you’ll make everything fun and exciting with the family. Lead them.

2. Bike

Biking with the whole family is a great way to have time with each other, and to get in some physical fitness. While on the road, you can chant a song and let your tribe sing along with you. To make it more exciting, encourage the little troops to decorate their bikes with streamers, flags, or anything that they can get creative with. Why not appreciate the art decor of each family member's bike and have your own family parade?

3. Walk around your community

When it comes to a free and easy exercise, nothing beats walking, especially when done with the whole family. Kids can be unpredictable, in a good way, while walking. They’ll react to almost everything they see. And this creates excitement and fun.
Walking improves cardio and minimizes stress levels. Health, fun, and de-stress.  What more could you ask for?
You may had not previously heard of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month before, but now that you know of it, what are your plans for fitness and family fun?
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