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National Pink Day

Pink Day is here!  Whether you associate the color pink with femininity and tenderness or romance and sweetness, who doesn't love Pink Day?  Join us for this annual celebration of all-things-pink this 23rd of June.

Pink is adorable - absolutely pleasant to the eyes. Check out some of our favorite pink'ish hipster clothing online at June and January.

The Cropped Tank

A unique apparel design to make babies feel comfortable and cool.

The Playsuit

This suit is perfect for babies who love to crawl around the house. The stylish halter, tie-back-style top is designed to keep your baby cool, both fashion-wise and temperature-wise.

The Tank Jumper

The ultimate in cozy summer attire is here. With its lightweight and loose fitting features, this snapless jumper is an amazing choice for toddlers who are super active.

The Tank Swing Dress

Swing, swing, swing little lady! This tank swing dress was meant for your little one.  This cozy piece features a boat neck and elastic waist, transcending the traditional dress for baby girls.

Vintage Baby Headbands

Whether you choose skinny crown or knotted baby girl headbands, watch out.  Your beauty will become even more so the most adorable little angel ever.  And you thought it was hard to get your eyes off them before.


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