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6 Exciting Outdoor Activities for the Sunny Days

Sunlight here, sunlight over there, and sunlight everywhere - how I love summer! It’s the time when we can go outside at nearly any hour on any day, bring our babies and have fun. Here are six exciting activities you and your little ones will surely enjoy:

1. Go picnic at a state park - Well, any park will do, but state parks are big.  I mean, huge!  Get in some nature lovin' during these warmer times.

2. Collect shells at the beach - “Sally sells seashells...”  I’ll stop singing and start looking for the nearest beach around my place. Don’t forget to bring a pail.

3. Make a thrifty sandbox - No beaches nearby?  No excuse.  Build a square out of 2x4's, hit the local garden center and buy sand (yep, they carry it), and go back home and fill up the 2x4 box with sand.  You're kids very own sandbox.

4. Go for a walk and take photographs - Kids are curious. Going on a walk can bring untold adventures.  Why not bring a camera while you're at it and capture the curiosity?

5. Feed the ducks - Kids eat this activity up and so do the ducks.  Plus, it's free!

6. Hit the farmers market - Find a local farmers' market and load up on fresh greens.  Kids will find the environment curious, and you can't complain about the healthy food choices.

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