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Independence Day: What? Toddlers in Patriotic Outfits!

Aside from probably Christmas and Halloween, Fourth of July is on the top of the list for most kids favorite events of the year. Fireworks, family reunions, colorful parades, carnivals, fairs and more.

Ready to get the kiddos prepped for the festivities, and at the same time honor our country with some patriotic colors? Here are some of our blue pieces that you can pair up with other red, white, or blue clothing for a patriotic-power-combo outfit.

The Cropped Tank

Numerous moms have been sharing their stories about their favorite hipster kids clothing and how they love seeing their babies wearing the Cropped Tank, in particular, the peacock blue. Yes, it’s cool and very serene. So cute and adorable.

cropped tank


The Tank Jumper


Our Tank Jumper is perfect for toddlers who are super active outdoors. Throw on a stars and stripes bow and this all-in-one piece Tank Jumper is ready to rock.


tank jumper


The Short Sleeve Hoodie


One of our favorite hipster toddler clothes, our Short Sleeve Hoodie in ocean blue truly rocks. This hoodie is breathable enough to be worn during the day and perfect to keep cozy on a breezy summer evening. Perfect to wear while watching fireworks at night.


short sleeve hoodie



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