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9 Months of Juniper!

Another big month for my sweet pea!


She still has not figured out how to crawl (which is totallllly ok with me) BUT she is puling herself up! She'll push herself up onto all-fours (like a downward dog) but has no idea what to do after that. It's amazing.



She loves balloons, riding in shopping carts, and chewing on her brother's toys. She LOVES being outside, and we've spent some really good early morning hours out, just the two of us, getting in some miles. She's been eating pretty much everything offered to her, and has an incredible pincer grip already!


She got TWO bottom teeth this month (at the same time) and is working on two top teeth any day now. She still is a crummy sleeper.

I am so crazy about this little meatball! Having two kids is so much fun, and I can't wait for her first Halloween!! I seriously cannot believe she's been with us for 9 months. I still feel like she is brand new!!



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  • Whitney

    Everytime I see the pic of her with the wig it cracks me up! Such a pretty babe!

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