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10 months (and one day) of Juniper!

Well, my girl is in the double-digits now, which means turning one is just around the corner.

Truthfully, I think I was a lot more emotional when Eli turned one -- this time around I am excited for what's to come. I know how fun one year olds are! I know how fun four year olds are, even!

My girl has 3.5 teeth (one of the top teeth is taking FOR.EVE.ER) and has become a hungry little hippo! She literally will scream at you if you don't share food! She loves bananas, sweet potatoes and whatever else you offer her. ;)



She has finally mastered crawling, and moves as if her arms are doing all the work and her legs are purely incidental. It's downright hilarious. She loves chasing down her brothers toys, finding stray Puffs on the ground to gobble and is obsessed with a little neon orange basketball.



She continues to be a super happy and cheerful baby -- except for at night. This girl does. not. sleep. I never thought I could possibly have a child that slept worse than Eli, but yet, here we are. Some nights she wakes up 5-6 times before we even go to bed ourselves.

She's still breastfeeding and is very much a mamas girl, so I think that contributes to all of it. We had such an intense summer of traveling that we pretty much missed the window for any sort of sleep training and are now just trying to get into a proper routine. I am not in favor of cry-it-out methods, so I'm honestly considering reaching out to these newfound "sleep therapists". Yes -- that is a thing!


Eli continues to be totally smitten with her, especially now that she's on the move and is a little more like a real person each day! He's a little bit bossy, and has even said to her (completely serious) "Juniper, why do you keep bothering me?".
I just LOVE these two, and am sooo excited for their first Christmas together!!!


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