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Cold Outside? 5 Family Fun Indoor Activities

Does a cold winter night have you and the family stuck in the house? Avoid the feelings of boredom and get in some bonding with your family.

1. Board games

Board games get a bad rep. Candy Land. Chutes and Ladders. They're timeless. Depending on the age of your kids, consider enhancing their strategic thinking with chess or Monopoly.

2. Pizza party

Any day is a good day for pizza. Make an event of it and make your own pizzas. Start a do-it-yourself pizza activity with the family. Buy some ready-made crusts and your favorite toppings.

Jump on eBay and get a few kids aprons for cheap and make the kids full participants. Be creative and let everyone think, experiment, and have fun. I feel hungry now.

3. Craft Arts

Art activities are engaging, challenging, and fun. From paintings to homemade lanterns, everyone can get excited. You can even get the whole family involved in scrapbooking. Let everyone choose their favorite photos and cut them out. Each photo encapsulates individual memories, and the experience could be a walk down the memory lane for you and your family.

4. Treasure hunting

Here we go, treasure hunters. Make some clues, seal them in an envelope, number them, and scatter them around different parts of the house. Your kids can play as a team or individually. It will be fun finding one clue after another. Double the excitement by hiding a box of chocolates or coins for kids to discover at the end.

5. Tell ghost stories

Cold weather begets stories of cold, spooky nights. Fitting for ghost stories. Remember Goosebumps? Gather the family. Light the fireplace and dim the lights. Storytelling begins.

What other family fun ideas or traditions do you have?

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