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Balancing Halloween Fun & Safety

Everyone loves Halloween, kids and parents, alike. Tricks. Treats. The whole nine. Do you prefer to carve pumpkins, decorate and hang cobwebs or head out and hit the haunted houses and costume parties?

As with all things as a parent, safety is first. No matter how you choose to celebrate, here are some tips to keep Halloween safe and fun.

Escort Your Kids

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is worth emphasizing. Escort kids to ensure a safe night of trick or treating.

Use Groups

For kids that are older an age where they are too cool to go with mom and dad, let them go in groups. Assuming that you're comfortable with them going out without you, keep them safer by having them go out in groups.

Be Bright

Remember the 80's? Bright outfits in neon colors? Embrace the 80's mentality for better visibility as the night gets darker and you're out trick or treating. Bust out the bright colors, give the kids flashlights, or go all out and slap on a cycling jacket in all of its neon yellow glory.

80's fashion

(source: youtube / Fine Brothers Entertainment)

Keep Eyes in the Clear

For children wearing a mask, make sure it doesn't block their vision. Avoid bulky costumes that could compromise vision or become a tripping hazard.

Clean and Organize Your House

Are you the creative type that makes their own costumes? Costume making is a yearly bond for many families. Family members spend countless days and nights cutting, sewing, and gluing. Mess could be everywhere. We all know that a mess can lead to an accident.

Avoid unintentional slips and falls by keeping clean and organized. Minimize spills to avoid slips and keep the scissors, pins, and safety pins organized in holders to avoid unwanted pokes. Look out for small objects like sequins and buttons as well. Don't want lil' ones ingesting them.

Make every Halloween fun, enjoyable, and safe. Happy Halloween!


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