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7 Simple, Creative Homemade Kids Costumes for Halloween

Halloween already? Ready to rock the parties and have the kids looking cute as ever? Don't let the idea of homemade costumes scare you. Here are some creative ideas for homemade costumes that will have you get you in the groove of never having to buy a kids costume again.

1. Shark

No doubt that your innocent, yet ferocious hip baby would terrorize the neighborhood for an extra handful of their favorite candy.

shark costume


Only a couple of supplies are needed and you have a cute but viscious shark on your hands.

  • Grey toddler hoodie for the shark's mouth
  • Red felt for back of mouth (inside the hoodie)
  • White felt for teeth
  • Black buttons for eyes
  • Grey felt for miscellaneous parts
  • Hot glue gun

2. Strawberry

Although strawberries are not in season, this doesn't mean that your child can't be looking fresh. This fruity look can be completed with a stem made of pipe cleaners, felt, and other everyday household items.

  • Green hat for stem base
  • Green felt for stem base
  • Green pipe cleaner for stem top
  • red hoodie for strawberry red
  • yellow or white felt or fabric paint for strawberry seed dots

3. Yellow Duckling

Here's a brilliant idea that would quack your little angel up! Hit the craft store for some feathers, add a pair of orange boots, and your lucky little duckling will be more than ready to waddle for some candy.

  • yellow baseball cap or baby knotted hat
  • ping pong balls for eyes (hot glued on)
  • yellow sweatshirt and pants for yellow duckling body
  • yellow feathers
  • orange rain boots for feet

4. Race Car Driver

Does your hip toddler love toy cars? From zero to race-ready in a jiffy, your baby can be a race car driver with a sweat suit and a few strips of tape. Simple as that.

racecar driver costume
  • sweatsuit
  • black masking tape
  • checkered duct tape
  • racing themed stickers or patches
  • ball cap
  • white ribbon, black ribbon, and dowel for a checkered flag
  • glue
  • scissors

5. Bookworm Costume

A novel idea for your little munchkins that always has their nose in front of books. Use Styrofoam balls, felt, and the like to create this costume.

  • green outfit
  • styrofoam balls for worm antennae
  • green felt to cover the styrofoam balls
  • bow tie
  • fabric glue
  • green pipe cleaners
  • green string

6. Little Mermaid

Does your little princess love to swim? What are you waiting for? Make a splash with this easy to create costume.

  • Headband
  • Teal ribbon and cupcake liners for bikini top
  • Starfish decoration for headband decor
  • Green fabric for legs and flippers
  • - Glue gun

7. Skeleton

A very adorable twist on a traditional Halloween costume.

All you need is little creativity, and you'll turn your kiddo into a crowd pleaser this Halloween. Happy Halloween!


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