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National School Success Month: Fun Apps to Stimulate Kids

September is a motivating month. In addition to being Self-Improvement Month, it's also National School Success Month. If your little ones have entered Kindergarten and beyond, perhaps you're thinking ways to stimulate their inner-Einstein? Here are a few fun apps to help kids discover, learn, and be creative.

1. Doodle Buddy - Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch

Picasso, anyone? Doodle Buddy is a finger painting app that stimulates those creative kids who have wild imaginations. Keep it up, little artists.


2. Sushi Monster

Love it or hate it, our little ones are bound to face the world of numbers. Today, there are apps that can make learning mathematics interesting, yet challenging for their level. One of these is Sushi Monster, an app for practicing, reinforcing, and extending math fluency. Sure, little geniuses would love this.

Sushi Monster


3. SpellingCity

As kids get older and enter elementary, of course, we want our kids to learn spelling and become a vocabulary wiz. But it's not that easy. For energetic minds, the process of spelling can be tremendously boring at times. Not anymore. SpellingCity is here to make it fun and exciting. Some learning activities include Spelling TestMe and HangMouse. Also includes word lists such as Sound Alikes, Compound Words, Hunger Games and SAT Words.


4. Bookabi

Fun and easy, Bookabi's interface is designed for kids to create 2D and 3D storybooks. It's a great app for budding writers or wildly imaginative storytellers. Your kids can choose their own characters, backgrounds, and objects in their story. And the best part is that they can also use their own photos. Sweet.



National School Success Month is here. Gear up your plans for school success, now and into the years ahead. Are the little ones ready?


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