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Fall Outfits: 3 Cute Clothes for Babies

Here comes autumn once again. And I just don't know what to say. I have a love-hate relationship when the seasons change. I will miss the fashions of the current season, but then I also get excited about being able to break out the hoodies.

As this new season approaches, it's time to reboot the closet and prepare some autumn stuff for the little ones. Here are some of our latest cute fall clothes for your little angels.

Long Sleeve Hoodie Dress

I don't care what anyone says. Hoodies are a year-round item in my household. And if I can put little miss in a dress AND a hoodie. Done deal.

Hoodie Jumper

Hoodie jumpers are quite popular during fall because of the jumpers' versatility. Plus, they're super cute. Who would have thought that your adorable kid could up their adorability a notch with something as simple as a jumper?

Short Sleeve and Knit Tights

Another hoodie variation? That's right. No shame. This time, it's in short sleeve - good for adventurous days or chilly nights. Match it with toddler knit tights to complete the outfit.

baby knit tights

Speaking of chilly nights, don't forget a cute kids blanket!


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