11 Months of Juniper (plus a week)!

This month we all had a ridiculous cold, that started on Thanksgiving day and is still migrating its way out of us -- I'll use this for excuse as to why this post is ten days overdue.


Juniper was able to see her paternal great-grandparents for the first time since March, who came downstate for the holiday. She is quite smitten with her uncles, and especially fond of her grandfather. She enjoyed some sweet potatoes and apple crisp, and a game of hide and seek with gramps.



She now says "hi", "bye-bye", "mama", "dada", "yay" and "tada", and has started to come very close to saying Eli. The day after Thanksgiving, my husbands grandfather was at our apartment, and clear as day, Jun said "hi papa". Luckily my mother-in-law and brother-in-law both heard it, so I didn't feel crazy!

She has become even more mobile, and confident in her ability to get from point A to point B. Our kitchen is slightly raised, and she's been able to get over the step without any issues, and make her way into the kitchen to find stray cereal puffs underneath her highchair. She really enjoys pulling herself up at the coffee table and trying to eat our remote. My Mom bought her a little push-walker thing but she's got absolutely no interest in it. With Eli, at 11.5 months, I felt like walking was just around the corner -- but for Juniper, I feel like she'll be choosing crawling as her method of transportation well until her 14th month.

She's constantly grabbing after her brothers toy's, and has FAR more interest in what he's playing with, than any of her own things. For the most part, he is patient and willing to share -- although he occasionally will ask me to "protect" his "inventions" when he takes bathroom breaks.

We are still breastfeeding, although I personally have been "done" (mentally) with the idea for several weeks. She is a very, very, very clingy baby, and still a terrible, terrible, terrible sleeper -- both of which I am sure our nursing relationship helps fuel. With Eli, weaning happening very naturally at 10 months, and without much effort at all by either of us -- but it's very clear that this child is going to have a very different experience.



She is a darling baby, and her big brown eyes just melt me. With all the commotion of the holidays, it's hard to remember that she'll be turning one in just a few weeks, but I am so looking forward to celebrating this little love!





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