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Exciting Times for Little Hip Squeaks!

Little Hip Squeaks has some crazy exciting news! This year has been an overwhelming success, at a speed I was not prepared for. What started out as a little project at my kitchen table in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, is now a booming business with orders across the globe, and retailers across the country. I'm so thrilled to announce that Little Hip Squeaks is now a team of four amazing ladies! I've recently hired three sweethearts, Amy, Amy and Marie, all lending a helping hand where it's desperately needed.

Amy B., a dear old friend, will be handling all customer relations, social media and other things that I've been drowning in, as the new Brand Coordinator. What this means for you? Faster responses via emails, Etsy, and Facebook, more giveaways from your favorite momma & baby blogs, and more retailers able to offer my items. Having a second person help me dive through the daily messages leaves me more time to work on new prints, color palettes, and new pieces to add to the shop.

Marie and Amy S. are joining me in my team of makers! My brain never turns off with ideas -- to be able to develop new products, while this team helps me with what I already know you guys love -- is the best step I can take. Both the Production Assistants have extensive experience in sewing, and are helping me whip out more of what you're asking for, and faster. In addition to helping me bulk up the shop for the Holiday season (hello, leggings!), these ladies will be my right hand team in 2013 when you'll see new products like crib sheets, pillowcases and other bedding options, change pads, diaper bags, nursing cover-ups and so so much more.

Everything will remain designed by me, and I will still hand-cut each piece of fabric, as well as package and ship each order -- being able to confirm that every single item is up the quality of standards that I want Little Hip Squeaks to be associated with. Everything is still 100% handmade in Brooklyn, NYC by hardworking, fair-waged, eager and excited staff.

We are ALL committed to making unique, beautiful, handmade, top quality gifts for the sweet little ones in your life. Amy B. is a SAHM of two peanuts, and Marie is expecting her first baby boy in February. I love being able to bring like-minded ladies along for this amazing journey I'm on!

I have big plans for next year, and without this great team, it'd be near impossible to make it happen. Plus, my husband keeps telling me I'm too busy to have another baby, and my son really needs a brother.

Amy R.


  • Carissa

    I am very excited to see that you’ll be adding in crib sheets!! I’ve been watching your shop hoping you might add them :):)

  • sara seeton

    that is so exciting lady!! your biz is rockin!! congrats :) xoxo

  • Meg

    You are my small independent business hero! Congrats! So exciting…my little guy wore his leggings today and they made me so happy. :)

  • Suzanne

    So glad to hear you got help honey! But, how confusing does it get when someone says “Amy” do you have code names for each other…

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