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Giveaway Winner and Certificates for Cyber Monday!

First, we want to say congratulations to Kiersten W. who won our giveaway. You go, Glen Coco! We had a lot of fun on our end and loved seeing your pins and tweets, so we may be seeing more giveaway action in the future. We appreciate each and every one of you who participated; we have some of the best customers out there!

Giveaway Winner and Certificates for Cyber Monday!

So, assuming you're not Kiersten, that means you didn't win. Bummer, right? NO! We're giving money away in the shop. Seriously. We have some really great sales happening for the first weekend of the Holiday shopping season. You can get $50 for $40; $75 for $60; OR $150 for $100. You can buy them as a gift or you can buy them for yourself, we won't tell.

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