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12 Days of Handmade!


12 Days of Handmade!Every holiday season starts out the same for me. I make the medium-length list of people on my iPhone, and put clever ideas next to their names. Most years, I end up buying half of my stuff on Etsy, the rest via Target, Amazon, or the Apple Store (my husband is so spoiled). I've always tried to buy local or handmade as much as possible but would always end up with my fair share of mass-produced, made-overseas stuff.

I'm 90% done with my list (if anyone has any ideas for a 13 year old boy, dear heavens, send them my way) and have managed to keep it entirely handmade! From edibles, to wearables, to a felt alphabet for my little guy, I'm totally supporting my handmade family this year! I am so thankful and grateful for a successful business of my own, and that I'm able to afford the luxuries of high-quality, handmade goodies for my friends and family.

For the next 12 days, we'll be bringing you our FAVORITE Etsy shops, loaded with brilliant gift ideas for your list this year! Happy shopping!


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