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12 Days of Handmade; Tippy Thai

12 days of handmade

File this shop under "presents for ME." I have purchased somewhere close to a gazillionty bags from this shop. One for my sister, the rest for me. Don't judge, you'd do that same.

I'm the type to jam everything I can think of into my bag; I think I was a boy scout in a past life because I need to always be prepared for anything. I love bags that are cute but roomy and sturdy. BINGO.

<3 Amy B


  • Diana

    I love these! I am a one-purse-til-it-dies girl and I just cut the straps off of mine with kitchen shears and stole a strap from something else, so… after the holidays, it’s new purse time. These look like they could take my abuse :)

  • sara seeton

    oh these are gorgeous. love them. i’m totally buying one. thanks for sharing girl!!

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