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12 Days of Handmade; The Citizens Collectible & Olula

12 Days of Handmade; The Citizens Collectible & Olula

Every kid needs a handmade doll. That's not opinion, it's THE LAW. I just got my baby-dude one of these sweet little dolls to cuddle with and it looks just like him and kind of makes my heart all melty. We have plans on getting one to look like each of us because no one wants a lonely doll.

Bonus handmade shop-- Liliana from Citizens Collectible has a sister, Cristina, whose shop is equally awesome and adorable! If anyone is shopping for me, I'd like the owl pillows and the wooden heart necklace, please and thank you. Maybe a wallet, too. Just get me all of it.

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  • talia

    omigoodness, i HAVE to get one of these for my little guy! he already has one custom doll that looks like him , but like you said, you can’t have just ONE lonely doll! Off to order a family!!


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