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Laura Berger Totem Print. Put this print in your kids room, and thank me later for my good taste. || Salt Farm Sampler. Put some Tomato Spice Salt on your veggies and actually stick for your 'Eat Better' resolution. || White Nest Geometric Earrings. Two words; Look. Hot. || Jam & Toast 2013 Calendar. I bought this for YOU because with two sergers and a cutting space, I don't have room for my own calendar. Which is why I never know what day it is. || Eastern Trend Coffee Cozy. My lunch for the last 4 weeks has been a vanilly soy latte, so... yeah. || Knot & Bow Gold Heart Stickers. These make me happy. Stick them on your kids shirt to occupy them for 43 minutes while you take a nap. || Mirasol Farm Organic Soap Sampler. As a mom, sometimes I wash my hands just for a moment to myself. Seriously. || The Caramel Jar Fleur De Sel Caramels. Eat sugar, be happy. || Giant Dwarf. Twinkle twinkle little star...


The 12 Days of Handmade has come to an end - which means one thing. It's the middle of freaking December, and this year is almost over. In 2012, I spent a lot (a LOT) of time drooling over other shops and plenty of weekends hustling my goods at craft shows next to some SERIOUSLY talented folks. Handmade has become a way of life for me, both in the way I earn my living and the way I spend it.

It's been a total whirlwind, and there are not enough thank yous and lucky stars in the world to show how grateful we are for our success this year. 2013 holds some amazing things for all of us, and we cannot wait to share the new prints, collections and product line with you -- but like I said, its still 2012 for a few short weeks -- and what a wonderful way to say goodbye to the craziest year of my life by giving away a whole bunch of awesome handmade stuff from some of the BEST of the BEST (of the BEST). Every item in this giveaway was selected from my personal Etsy favorites, and purchased with my own hard-earned cash. No freebies, no trade for the free advertising, certainly no regifting - just my absolutely favorite things. I'm the handmade version of Oprah I guess. Oh, and just in case you don't like MY favorites, there's a $50 gift card to be spent in ANY Etsy shop accepting credit cards. So, booyah.

So without further ado, I present you with the GOODBYE 2012, HELLO AWESOME STUFF; LITTLE HIP SQUEAKS GIVEAWAY. You'll probably recognize a few of these shops from our 12 Days Of Handmade feature. We weren't kidding about loving this stuff, people!

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  • Josh

    My wife loves your stuff … she has been on your site nonstop since she found it! May not be too good for me , haha

  • Danita

    Using the gift card for LHS for my grandson Conley!! ~ My daughter is telling everyone about your Etsy store!! :)

  • Heather Duncan

    The coffee cozy or the caramels!

  • Abbey

    I would love the Geometric Facet Stud Earrings! :)

  • Hillery

    Awesome giveaway. I love the Totem, but I also would love to try all those soaps as I love a good bath and that Etsy gift cards is the best thing ever! You are so incredible to do this by directly supporting handmade with your own handmade earnings. I thinks that’s one of the best things I’ve seen this season. From one crafter to another, you rock!

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