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There is so much excitement when October hits! Many of us already have our costumes planned out. There are some of us who don't choose costumes until the week before or even the week of Halloween (guilty✋) ! The best part of J&J inspired costumes is that many of these pieces are in your kiddos wardrobe already. Whether it's coming up with something fun and new, or maybe creating your favorite disney character, theres always something you can create with J&J! Here are some of our contributors favorite Disney characters! 
Minnie Mouse by @Domipurcell
Dopey by @nicole6891
Sulley by @amycln
Toy Story Alien by @Little.heiney
Sofia the First by @_pompandcircumstance
Snow White by @nicole6891  

We would love to see your J&J incorporated costumes. Use the hashtag #JJHALLOWEEN18 on Instagram for a chance to win J&J for a YEAR! Need some inspiration? Go to Instagram and look at the previous Halloween Hashtags for more amazing ideas! 


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