ABC Kite Fest

ABC Kite Fest

One of the most beloved, family-friendly traditions here in Austin is the annual ABC Kite Fest held in Zilker Park! We were so honored that we were able to host the nursing tent.The Kite Fest is known for being fun, but also very busy. When parents were overwhelmed or needed a break we were able to provide a changing table, toys, coloring for the kiddos, bottled water, chairs for mamas and dads to feed their babies, and free J&J hats to the first 50 people who came by to see us.  We were so thankful we could provide a moment of rest for the parents and babes that joined us!

Thanks to some of our favorite brands Nugget, Parasol, and Tegu for providing all the things that made our day a major success!

If you would like to let your little color their very own J&J kite HERE is the link!

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